Trash Gurl offers  some of the largest portalets in the industry, allowing for extra comfort.   Since our company has been in business since 2009 our portalet inventory is newer and our units are all in excellent condition.   Even our oldest units are in better condition than most of our competition.   Trash Gurl receives new portalet units every quarter which allows us to rent out new units to our customers.


Individual portalets refer to single unit restroom facilities, typically containing one toilet.   Trash Gurl’s portalets feature a roomy interior, our roomier portalets are the most popular portable toilet rental for special events.   Whether you’re entertaining 80 for a wedding or a party, or 80,000 people for a concert or a festival, our convenient and clean portalets  help complete any outdoor function.   Trash Gurl also rents portalets which offer optional features which may include a freshwater sink operated by a sanitary, hands-free pump.


Accommodations for those who require special facilities are met with Trash Gurls’s wheelchair accessible portalets. Our wheelchair accessible restrooms are a larger size portable restroom facility with more safety features for the convenience and comfort of those who require added functionality.
Extras Features:
  • Large roomy interior
  • Flat floor system eliminates the need for ramping
  • Translucent roof for improved lighting
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • Interior lock
  • Interior safety bars
  • Comfort height toilet, paper holder and lock


Trash Gurls also rents portable handwashing station rentals:
  • Hand-washing stations add extra comfort and convenience for your  guests
  • Creates  proper sanitation for events with children
  • Conforms to laws in many states that require sinks to be placed adjacent to restrooms
  • Provides sanitary handwashing for food preparation areas
  • Hand-washing sink rentals are available in 2 or 4 station models, depending on location.

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