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5 Reasons a Porta Potty Rental Is Good For Your Worksite

If you own a construction business and work offsite you might want to consider renting a porta potty for your employees. Porta potties are not only convenient, they tell your employees that you are investing in their comfort and care about their needs. For the minimal cost of a porta potty rental you get some pretty amazing results.

More Man-Hours Saved

Even if you have a small crew, every time that someone has to use the outdoor facilities, they have to leave the worksite. Not only does that time adds up for their individual time loss, but likely whatever they were working on is held up awaiting their return. Even if the gas station is right around the corner, that is still a whole lot of wasted man-hours when you consider just a team of six to ten people taking bathroom breaks throughout the day.

Going Outside Doesn’t Make a Good Impression

If you work on a worksite and think that your workers can use the great outdoors, you might not be creating the best impression. When nature calls, it calls. And if someone should be walking by while you are forcing your employee to use the outdoors, that will not only embarrass them, but it will leave a bad impression on your operation as a whole. Do us all a favor and give them a better alternative!

Not Everyone Has the Same Bathroom Habits

Let’s get real for a minute, not everyone has the same bathroom habits. And if you have someone who is either having a bad day or needs to go several times, they are either going to go home for the day, excuse themselves many times to head to a facility or they are going to suffer needlessly. None of those options are good ones. And the good news is that all the negative situations presented can be undone by offering them a porta potty to take care of business. If they take care of theirs, they can better take care of yours.

You Can Write it Off

Now that we’ve talked about how it saves you man-hours, consider the cost. First, a porta potty rental is very inexpensive. And even the little bit that you do have to pay can be written off as a business expense. So in reality, you will come out ahead on both fronts! It really doesn’t make any financial sense not to rent one for your employees.

It Gives a Better Impression to Your Workers

Construction tends to be a very transient workforce. The best way to maintain loyalty from your laborer is giving them perks and showing them that you care. The small investment it takes to rent a porta potty from us, is an excellent good-will gesture that just might increase their feelings of loyalty to you and the job they are working on. You know when someone is more invested, they work harder. So it is a win-win scenario all the way!

Even if you have a small crew on your worksite, renting a porta potty is an excellent investment. It cuts down on man-hours lost, leaves a favorable impression to onlookers and passerby and it increases the morale and loyalty of your workers. Contact us today so we can get things on your worksite moving in a better direction.

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