portable toilets charleston sc

Outdoor Events are a GO! – Proceed With Caution—Don’t cancel that event!

Finally, most of us can see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. And hopefully, businesses will continue to open and life will get back to normal, or as much as possible. With such a rocky beginning to 2020, summer is the time to turn things around and begin again.

The best way to open business as usual, while still remaining optimistically cautious and safe, is to hold your event outdoors. Whether you had to postpone your wedding, or want to have a family reunion, do it in an open-aired space. Keep your outdoor event sanitary by renting portable toilets for your events from Trash Gurl.

Don’t Forget the Hand Washing Station

Having outdoor facilities is a great way to limit people congregating inside. But one of the most critical parts of stopping viruses from spreading is hand washing. Sure, hand sanitizer is a must, but sometimes it is no substitute for good old-fashioned soap and water. At Trash Gurl, we have the best hand washing stations to accompany your porta potties so that people can stay safe at your outdoor event!

Flushable Portable Toilets Keep It Classy

There is nothing more beautiful than a garden wedding mid-July in South Carolina. But a porta potty might not be your ideal way to have an elegant affair. The good news is that we can accommodate your wedding with just as much outdoor bathroom class as you would get indoors. Our flushable wedding potties are exactly what the bride and groom called for with plenty of room to spread out, and a sink and mirror included.

portable toilets charleston sc

Who Says you Can’t Tailgate?

Even though sports events are starting to reopen, many still don’t really feel safe being in large crowds. Why not have your own tailgating party, a little smaller, with friends and family? And what could be better for an outdoor sports fan event than a college-themed porta potty? We have all the greatest teams like Clemson and Carolina. So, you can celebrate all of your collegiate glory.

It is refreshing to see that there might be an end, if not a reprieve, to the COVID-19 quarantine, but it is not over entirely. The good news is if you practice safe social distancing and hand washing techniques to limit your exposure, you are free to gather and celebrate. Instead of holding your event inside, give people a little more room and security by holding your event outdoors and hire Trash Gurl, the best in the business for portable toilets in Charleston, SC. Contact us today to reserve your porta potty.

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