Planning a Fall Wedding? Choose a Wedding Porta Potty to Make Your Outdoor Nuptials That Much More Elegant

Due to COVID, a lot of brides and grooms had to put their impending nuptials on hold. As we approach fall, social distancing is still a thing, but for many vaccinated individuals, it might be somewhat safer to have a wedding as long as you maintain safe spacing. An outdoor wedding is an excellent way to have your wedding cake and eat it too! We understand that an outdoor porta potty might not be the most sophisticated part of your wedding plan, but our wedding porta potties might pleasantly surprise you!

Flushable Option

One of the newest additions that we have made to our fleet is a flushable porta potty. It may not be exactly the same as a traditional indoor bathroom, but it does upgrade things a little more. Flushable porta potties are not like regular ones for many reasons, but the main reason is because they flush. That means fewer offensive sights and smells for your guests. That will definitely be appreciated!


Getting dressed up for a wedding is half the fun, but there is nothing fun about wearing your finest clothes and then having to cram yourself into a box to use the facilities. Our wedding porta potties are more spacious than regular porta potties. Your guests can move around freely, without worrying about stepping on their dress or keeping things under wraps. When it comes to using the facilities, the more room, the better!


Wedding porta potties have an elevated look and feel! Not only are they roomier; they have a mirror to check yourself out, and room to put things like a bud vase full of flowers on the counter. Wedding porta potties are designed to be closer to traditional bathrooms to give a better impression of your special day.


Sure, it is your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and fun! At Trash Gurl we not only offer wedding porta potties; we have college-themed and sports-themed ones as well. Why not tie your love for your college in with your love for one another – it can be a match made in heaven. We want your special day to mean as much as possible, so tie the knot while celebrating the team you love together!

Handwashing Stations

One of the worst things about using a porta potty is sometimes they just don’t seem as “clean” as using traditional facilities. Our wedding porta potties come with handwashing features that allow your guests to clean up and wash their hands before sitting down to eat. That is not only a great thing when you are all fancy and dressed up; it gives you additional security until COVID is a thing of the past.

Hopefully, with COVID numbers going down a bit, people will be able to reschedule their wedding plans and tie the knot. Having an outdoor affair is an excellent way to say “I do” while maintaining proper social distancing safety. At Trash Gurl, we want to make sure your big day is as special as possible. Check out all the features that we have to make the best impression on your guests and to provide the most convenience for the happy couple. Contact us today to reserve your date!

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