Fall — A Perfect Time for a Social Gathering Get Together – How to Class up a Porta Potty for Your Special Occasion

It would be nice if we could all exhale a collective sigh of relief and put the COVID scare behind us as we approach the holiday season, but unfortunately, it might be awhile before we can all gather without fear. The good thing about living in the South is that fall is a perfect time to gather outdoors comfortably. And if you plan your holiday get-togethers ahead of time, then you can enjoy it with family and friends without fear. To find a porta potty company that can deliver to accommodate your needs, don’t simply Google “porta potty near me,” find one that cares about making your holiday pre-parties as pretty as can be.

Flushable Wedding Potties

Well, you might not be tying the knot, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want your holiday festivities to be elegant and grand. Find a porta potty company that offers porta potties designed for upscale events like weddings. Wedding porta potties come complete with mirror and sink. And they also offer lots of room for guests to move around comfortably without limits. Although not always called wedding porta potties, if you ask the company you call, they should know exactly what you mean if they can supply that quality of porta potty.

College-Theme — Kill Two Birds, One Stone

What a relief it has been to at least be able to participate in collectively watching professional and college sports. It is a shame that we can’t all be in attendance cheering on our favorite college team. But why not combine your love of your sports team with a pre-holiday get together to celebrate all in one. College-themed porta potties are an excellent way to put a fun spin on your party, while you all watch the game as a team.

Handwashing Stations

Sure, hand sanitizer is a quick and efficient way to sanitize your hands, especially with COVID and cold and flu season looming. But when it comes to having a party and serving food, there is just no substitute for good old-fashioned hand washing. No one wants to eat food without giving their hands a good scrub. The best Googled “porta potty near me,” service should provide the option to make things more smooth and clean for your guests.

Wheelchair Accessibility

When having a party outdoors, you want to make things as easy and accessible as possible. Even if no one in your family is bound to a wheelchair, there might be elderly attendees that might have a hard time using outdoor facilities that aren’t convenient and safe. It costs very little to upgrade your porta potty rental, so why not give both yourself and your loved ones a little more security, and definitely more room to spread out, by renting a handicapped accessible porta potty.

The good news is that we can start to get together safely with family and friends as the holidays approach. The not so good news is that social distancing is not yet a thing of the past. Have your holiday get together – pre-holiday to make sure to spend time with loved ones in a safe outdoor area before the cold weather rushes in by finding a porta potty company that can deliver on all of your porta potty needs. Contact Trash Gurl to reserve your unit today!

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