Five Imaginative Ways to Dress up Your Porta Potty Rental

Porta potties might not be the most beautiful things to look at, but for anyone who is having an outdoor event, they are a necessity. If you are going to have an outdoor affair, there is good news. There are some creative, yet simple, ways to make your porta potty rental more elegant. And also to hide the true function of what it is for. Try these five tips to dress it up to make a good impression on your guests.

1. Add Exterior Touches

The biggest impression that your porta potty makes is the way that it looks from the outside. There are some simple ways to make it more inviting, literally. Touches as easy and inexpensive as a welcome mat can make it more, well, welcoming. Also consider a decorative wreath to hang on the door using the colors of the affair that you are having. Or, dress it up with a collage of your favorite pictures to make everyone smile. Just a little decor goes a long way.

2. Use Flowers to Decorate

Just like you dress up the venue and a church for a wedding, incorporate flowers around the porta potty to make it more festive. If you have a porta potty with a sink included, place a flower vase on the vanity sink. If you don’t, consider using a bud vase or hanging a regular vase from the ceiling. If you use a fragrant flower, it will have a dual effect. And try to use the same color scheme as the event, to create consistency.

3. Provide Essential Toiletries

Nothing is worse than being in a bathroom and not having what you need. A nice offering that will dress up your porta potty rental is to include basic toiletries that will come in handy to your guests. Place a decorated basket full of goodies like mints, feminine hygiene products, or baby wipes. And, of course, don’t forget the toilet paper! It makes a good impression to show you care about the people attending your affair.

4. Don’t Forget a Mirror

One of the biggest drawbacks of going to a porta potty over a traditional bathroom is that there is no way to catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. Find a good spot to adhere a mirror so that your guests can primp and take a good look. Allowing people the luxury of seeing how is an excellent way to override the porta potty feel.

5. Provide Hooks and Hangers

When you go to a porta potty, most of the battle is that there is no place to place your things. And as anyone who has ever used one knows, the fear of dropping something in the bottom can be overwhelming. Give people the convenience of hanging their purses or add a shelf for them to house their cell phone. When you offer people a place for their things, they will be less anxious about using the porta potty, in general.

A porta potty might not be the most elegant way to provide the necessary facilities for your event, but if it is outdoors, it is a necessity. The good news is with some simple changes, you can transform your porta potty into something less than it is; nice to visit. For more options about how to make your porta potty a better guest experience, contact Trash Gurl today!

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