Five Reasons to Add a Handwashing Station to Your Porta-Potty Rental

As we head into a post-pandemic recovery, it is hard to tell how much of life will go back to the same old same old. One thing that is likely to be part of the new normal is how people feel about maintaining social distance, and the fear of contagion and germs. Adding a handwashing station is a great way to give your guests a little extra peace of mind when attending an outdoor event. And it also adds these benefits:

1. Washing Hands is About More Than Hand Sanitizer

Many of us have been living with a bottle of hand sanitizer attached to our keychains, in our car cup holders – really anywhere that we feel the need to use it. Hand sanitizers might kill germs and viruses, but they can’t remove the dirt that we have on our hands. When eating food, it is a really nice upgrade to be able to wash your hands, and childrens’ hands, to feel more sanitary before everyone “digs in.”

2. Sticky Stuff

Just like hand sanitizer can’t remove dirt particles, it also can’t remove sticky stuff. If you are serving cake, sweets, or drinks, spills are the norm. It isn’t like you can just rub your hands on your clothing to get them clean. So a handwashing station is an excellent way to undo those little life moments that have you scrambling to wash your hands!

3. Stop the Spread of Contagion

Handwashing stations aren’t just ideal for your guests; they also give your staff a way to provide the most sanitary conditions possible. No one wants to watch a member of the serving staff walk out of a porta-potty without washing their hands and return to touching plates, silverware, and food. It leaves a better and safer impression on your guests when the waitstaff can ensure that they are maintaining food sanitary guidelines.

4. Spills Can Ruin the Best Outfit

If you are having an upscale event, then providing a way for guests to have water is a must. A handwashing station isn’t just about washing hands; it also comes in handy when you need water and a towel for other things, like wiping down spills before they become stains. Also, a wet towel is a great way to wash off your child’s face so they look beautiful for pictures!

5. Reduce Allergies

If you are having an outdoor wedding in spring or summer, allergens can be everywhere. By providing a handwashing station, people can remove fine particles from their hands that could increase eye irritation and respiratory symptoms. As anyone living in Charleston knows, the allergy season can be absolutely brutal if you don’t take steps to reduce your contact with allergens.

Add a Handwashing Station to Your Porta-Potty Rental

If you are going to rent a porta-potty for your special occasion or wedding, then consider adding a handwashing station. For the small additional cost, the benefits are great. At Trash Gurl, we are dedicated to offering the highest-quality porta-potties with the most upgrades in the industry. Contact us today to make your reservation!

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