Have to Move Things Outdoors? Let us Help!

The COVID-19 virus has made many industries shift their practices to accommodate. The good news is that we are finally seeing small businesses able to turn their closed sign to open. The bad news is that some specific rules and procedures need to be followed, for some industries, to operate. If you are one of those that have had to limit capacity, take things to the great outdoors, or shift how you normally do things, we are here to help. Trash Gurl can help make things flow more smoothly for both your guests and your business with the best portable toilet rental Charleston, SC options available.

Patio Accommodations? No Problem, We’ve Got it!

So maybe opening up a patio-only for your restaurant might not be the ideal scenario, but it is a good start. One way to limit contagion for you and your guests is to have a porta potty rental available for those who choose to dine outdoors. A porta potty rental will ensure that people aren’t communing in the bathroom, and it also gives your customers a convenient way to use the facilities. It is an excellent way to overcome the limitations of not being able to fully open and operate the way that you used to.

Hand Washing is a Must and Simple!

If you are worried about being able to operate a porta potty during these tense times, we have you covered. Add a washing station to your porta potty and make guests feel better about being able to take the necessary precautions to feel safe. You can also set up a hand sanitizer station at each rental to give people a little extra confidence. Everyone is having to go a little farther to make things work, but believe us, the little steps you take now will build loyalty and a whole lot of good feelings between you and your clientele!

Have an Outdoor Market or Food Tasting

If you can’t operate indoors, take your goods to the exterior. People are a little wary about being in close quarters right now for a good reason. But if you give them options to get a little bit of fun and normalcy into their routine over the next couple of weeks, you will create a whole lot of goodwill! Try having a street showing for your artisan goods or a curbside food tasting extravaganza. Having a porta potty available will ensure that people will hang out to shop a little more. And it will be a welcome convenience for people with small kids, especially if you are serving food!

COVID-19 is inarguably one of the most trying times that most of us will experience in our lifetimes. But as small business owners know, those who adapt and accommodate will not only survive the COVID era; they will thrive.

Let Trash Gurl help you be more ingenious to bring customers in and to create a good impression that will long outlast the times we are living in. Contact us to discuss how we can help you take the show to the great outdoors with the best portable toilet rental Charleston, SC options available!

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