Planning Renovations in 2021? Rent a Porta Potty Now for Your Construction Site

Although COVID has had an impact on the economy, there is one industry that continues to forge strong, and that is the construction business. Many homeowners are putting their extra time and savings into fixing up their homes. After all, since we appear to be spending way more time than ever in our houses, fixing them up to make them more enjoyable is a welcomed investment. As a contractor, your job is to make homeowners feel comfortable, which means not having a lot of people using the facilities. If you rent a porta potty, you will not only make things better for your customers, you will be making your employee’s life easier!

Save Time

If you are working on a home and you don’t provide your employees with outdoor facilities, they are going to have to go off-site to use the bathroom. Not only is that a huge inconvenience, it is a waste of time. The small cost of renting a porta potty will be well made up for in the man-hours that you gain from not having to stop work every time someone has to use the bathroom.

Making Homeowners Feel Safe

We are all trying to limit our exposure to strangers until COVID is behind us. When remodeling someone’s home, allowing your employees and subcontractors to use the bathrooms indoors is exposing the people in the home to the risk of catching the virus. It isn’t just about making a good impression, it is about being responsible and doing everything possible to take care of the people who put their faith in you to remodel their home. Rent a porta potty and limit the number of people who are entering the home.

Don’t Forget the Portable Sink Rental

One of the best ways to keep people safe, and to stop the spread of COVID, is through handwashing. The additional cost of adding a portable sink rental pales in comparison to exposing both your workforce and the homeowners who hired you, to contract the virus. A portable sink will also allow your workers to wash their tools and instruments outdoors instead of having to go inside. Having a water source is something that you usually don’t think about until the well runs dry, no pun intended.

The construction industry is still going strong, and if you have jobs lined up for the New Year, make sure to reserve your porta potty for your construction site ahead of time. It is important that you do all that you can to limit your customers’ exposure, as well as your employees, by keeping as many people out of the house as possible.

And also, you are limiting your customers’ exposure by providing the necessary things your employees need to save time and to get the job done safely. At Trash Gurl, we have many different porta potties to choose from with accessories like portable sink rentals to help make your job go a whole lot more smoothly. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your site function optimally and safely.

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