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How You Can Benefit with Porta Potties Rentals for Construction Sites

How Porta Potties Rentals Help Your Residential Construction Sites!

Constructions sites aren’t supposed to be convenient – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. If you are running a construction crew to build or renovate a home, renting a Porta Potty is a good idea to save money and increase your customer’s satisfaction. Since homeowners don’t really want people trudging through their homes and dirtying them up, having an outside facility will help you create a better overall impression. These are just some of the ways Porta Potties for construction sites help you out!

1. They Leave a Good Impression

Although the mess of construction or renovation can be considerable, there are ways to minimize it. Using Porta Potties for construction sites means that your workers won’t have to trudge in and out of your clients’ living spaces. That will reduce dust and debris, and it will also give your customers more privacy in their home. Let’s face it: renovations can cause a whole lot of chaos in a person’s home. The more you can minimize that chaos, the better the impression you will leave.

2. They Cut Down on Man Hours

If your construction workers have to stop and find a bathroom every time nature calls, that can lead to an increase in wasted man hours. Even if it might be minimal, there is no need to waste your payroll. The small cost of renting a Porta Potty is well worth the money you will save minimizing your workers’ time spent finding facilities off-site. When you cut down on your payroll, you increase profits. It really is that simple!

3. They Stop Workers From Being Caught With Their Pants Down

You never know who is going to stop by the construction site – including the homeowner. To minimize the potential of one of your workers using the great outdoors as a toilet and getting caught literally with their pants down, supply them with an “indoor” facility to relieve themselves. Although guys don’t typically mind going outside, it doesn’t look professional and isn’t very sanitary, either.

4. Increase Workers’ Satisfaction

When your construction workers have to go, they have to go. If they have nowhere to go, that can create a lot of hassle for them. Not only does not having a bathroom cut into your man hours, it can also lead to lower worker satisfaction. If you supply your crew with the convenience of a designated place to go, it shows that you value them too much to let them fend for themselves.

Porta Potties for construction sites are a must to make a good impression, reduce the risk of the homeowner walking in, and to help create goodwill between you and your employees. It is highly affordable and the advantages of renting a Porta-Potty will far outweigh the costs of not.

To rent a Porta-Potty in Charleston for your construction project, call Trash Gurl today for an estimate!

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