The Most Common Questions About Porta Potties Answered

Porta potties might not be the most interesting or exciting topic to discuss, but there are some common questions that might stump you. They have been around for decades and help to serve millions of people around the world. And they also add convenience to things like construction sites and event venues. If you are looking to rent or use a porta potty, you might be asking yourself these questions.

Trash Gurl is your go to company for portable toilets in Charleston, SC, and we thought we could answer your questions on porta potties!

Why is the Water Blue?

The water of a porta potty might appear to be blue, but it isn’t the water at all. The blue color comes from a mixture of deodorizing and fragrance agents to make them smell better and to make them more tolerant even when they are heavily used.

Does a Porta Potty Freeze if the Weather Gets Cold Enough?

Porta potties are winterized to prevent the water from freezing in the cold. Although frigid temperatures aren’t the norm, we want to make sure that they work properly so we use eco-friendly chemicals to prevent icing.

How Many Porta Potties Will I Need?

The number of porta potties that you will need depends on many factors. The reason you are renting the porta potty is highly important, for instance, are you renting it for a construction site or an event venue?

You also have to take into consideration how many people you will have to serve. Are you serving alcohol? Is it during the day? How many hours will your event run? To anticipate how many porta potties you will need it isn’t just a simple number of attendees equation. Our Trash Gurl team is here to help you estimate.

Where Should Porta Potties Be Placed?

Again, just like estimating how many you will need, where you should place them depends on the situation. It can sometimes be hard to make them convenient for people, but also to keep them inconspicuous.

Other things you have to consider are where the land is level and where there are good lighting and no obstacles. Taking stock of the event and the land available is important to place them strategically.

What Kind of Porta Potty Will I Need?

There are different porta potty designs available for different guests. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you might want to invest in an upper scale model that has things like hand washing and mirrors. And if you will be having the general public, you will want to make sure to have a handicapped accessible model available. So, it sometimes becomes a question of budget and renter’s individual needs and desires.

So Many Things to Think About – How do I Decide?

The best way to ensure that you not only have the right porta potties available; but also that you have enough of them placed correctly, is to allow us to help. We can handhold you through the process of choosing the right porta potty to accommodate your needs and to stay within budget. Contact us today to take the guesswork out of porta potty rentals!

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