Things to Consider When Choosing Your Porta Potty

Although porta potties might not be glamorous, for an outdoor event, they are necessary. Many factors go into making the right decision about your porta potty choices. Things like how many you will need, the population they will serve, and any additional amenities you might require are all necessary things to factor into your decision. To ensure that you have all that you need to accommodate your guests, these are all things that should be taken into consideration when planning your affair.

How Many People Will be Attending?

One of the surest ways to put a cramp in your occasion is to have long lines for your porta potties. Make sure that you have a good estimate of the guest list before you hire a porta potty service. The golden rule is that you will need to have one porta potty per one hundred people, but that doesn’t take into account special circumstances like serving alcohol or if your event will last more than four hours. It is not a good idea to have people waiting, so it is better to err on the side of having more than you need, then not have enough.

Women Versus Men Ratio

It isn’t just about the number of guests, it is about the makeup of the members. Women, on average, take longer than men to use a porta potty. So if your guest list has a high women to men ratio, it is better to get more porta potties to accommodate. Also, you might want to consider other porta potty accessories like mirrors or extra room for things like weddings or bridal showers to make things a little more convenient and welcoming.

How Long Will the Event Last?

Although it is recommended that you have one porta potty for every one hundred people, if the event is going to last more than four hours, that recommendation goes to two per one hundred. So if you have an affair that is all day or will last well into the night, then more is better, especially if you are serving alcoholic drinks!

Other Accommodations to Factor in

Consider if you are going to have any elderly or handicapped attendees. You want to make sure that the porta potties can accommodate everyone who will attend. Also, accessories like a portable sink rental will help if you are serving food or if you have little children around. It is always a good idea to cater to those with special needs then to risk leaving them out.

Although porta potty rentals seem like a no-brainer, they do require some forethought and planning to get it right. You don’t want long wait times to damper your affair, so take the time to plan ahead and consider all the special needs that your guests will require to leave a good impression and so that a good time is had by all. If you need help planning the porta potties for your special occasion, let the professionals of Trash Gurl help. Contact us today!

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