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What’s the Difference – Regular Versus Handicap Porta Potty?

As we head into the summer months, you might be considering an outdoor event to enjoy the best of South Carolina’s weather. The key to a successful gathering is having the appropriate conveniences for everyone. When it comes to bathroom facilities, it is easy not to think in terms of covering all the guests, but accommodating everyone’s needs is important — just in case! A handicap porta potty is a must for all populations; they provide a little extra space that can be a welcomed feature for more than just people who have physical challenges. When planning your upcoming party, make sure to cover all of your bases!

What is the Difference in A Handicap Porta Potty?

Handicap porta potties are designed to be wheelchair accessible. To accommodate, they have to have a width that is 67” or more and be 86.5” deep. On average, that is about 25 square feet more than a regular porta potty. They need to have enough room for someone who is in a wheelchair to navigate. Handicap porta potties also come equipped with a grab bar to help users transfer their weight. Like regular porta potties, they are at ground level, so they don’t require an additional ramp. A non-skid liner also helps to make things easier, especially if the floor gets wet when it’s raining and people drag water in.

How Many Handicap Porta Potties Do You Need?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you should have a minimum of 5% at any event and no less than one. Having many available will not only help cover any guests with limitations; it is also a great feature for families with small children. Often, taking a child into a porta potty and assisting them can be really cramped. And when it is hot, that makes the experience less than fun. The more handicapped porta potties you have, the more likely it is that you will make a better impression, whether people require them or not. The additional space is a nice touch.

Are Handicapped Porta Potties More Expensive?

Typically, renting a handicapped porta potty comes with an up-charge from renting a regular one. But the fee is nominal when you consider how much convenience you are providing to your guests. Safety features like grip bars are not only great for people with physical challenges; they provide a little extra safety for elderly guests and people of all ages. When planning your event, paying the additional cost is well worth it to keep guests comfortable, safe, and happy.

Looking for More Luxury?

At Trash Gurl, we offer the most luxurious handicap porta potty in the industry. It comes complete with a flushable toilet, trash can, sink, solar lights, and mirror all-in-one. For the most upgraded touch and convenience, rent one for your upcoming party!

If you are planning an event this summer and are wondering whether you need to add a handicap porta potty, a safe answer is “yes.” The peace of mind in knowing that you won’t be excluding anyone and the addition of space for everyone is well worth the cost. Trash Gurl has a variety of options, including handicap porta potties to suit all of your needs. Reserve yours today!

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