Roll-off Dumpster Rental near me

What’s the Difference Between a Dumpster and a Roll-Off?

With spring and summer come purge time and construction season. If you are looking for a rental to dispose of all of your materials, don’t just Google “roll-off dumpster near me” and choose. There are differences in the types of trash dumpster that you choose, which can affect whether you get all that you need and what you pay. If you aren’t sure whether you need a regular dumpster or a roll-off one, these are the answers that you need.

Roll-Off, Dumpster – What’s the Difference?

When you Google “roll-off dumpster near me,” what does that really mean? Dumpsters are all designed to dispose of trash, but they come in various types and each serves a different purpose. A roll-off dumpster differs from a regular one because its shape is typically rectangular and longer than a regular dumpster, which means that they come in a variety of sizes, not just squares. They also have wheels attached to them so that they can be moved from one area to another, unlike a regular stationary dumpster.

How Else Do Roll-Off and Regular Dumpsters Differ?

The other difference between a roll-off dumpster and a regular one is that they are used to dispose of different types of waste. Not everything can be thrown out on a roll-off dumpster. Roll-off versions are typically used to haul construction debris, home improvement materials, and other types of remodeling leftovers. When it comes specifically to what you can and can’t throw out in a roll-off dumpster, it can vary from one dumpster rental company to another depending on what private waste removal company they use, so it’s always best to ask before you rent one and find out the hard way that it isn’t the right type.

How Do You Know Which is Right for You?

If you aren’t knowledgeable about the construction or disposal business, then the best way to determine which type of dumpster you need is to ask. Since roll-off dumpsters have varying sizes that you can rent, you will definitely want to ask for help if you aren’t sure what size is appropriate. If you get one that is too big, then you are going to pay more than you should. If you get one that’s too small, you might have to pay the additional fee for an extra pick-up and drop-off. That’s why it’s best to ask the necessary questions to ensure that you are renting the right dumpster at the right size!

At Trash Gurl, we offer different types of disposal equipment depending on what you need to dispose of and how much of it you have. We have the industry expertise and knowledge to make sure that your rental goes flawlessly, and that you rent the correct dumpster to begin with. Contact us today and let us help you work through the many options there are instead of just Googling “roll-off dumpster near me” and taking your chances!