Portable Handwashing Stations

Portable Handwashing Stations

Portable sink rentals are handwashing stations that provide extra comfort and convenience alongside portable restrooms rentals.

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Portable Sink Rental
Handwashing Stations Portable

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For Any charleston event!

Our portable sinks are ideal for weddings, parties, sporting events, festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events. They also provide a sanitary handwashing location for food preparation areas. Trash Gurl has portable sink rentals available in 2-station models.

When you are required to rent portable sinks in Greater Charleston, SC for any outdoor event, hire Trash Gurl and rest easy!

Our licensed and insured crews will deliver your portable sinks on time and professionally set up at your location. When you rent from Trash Gurl, you will understand how we have managed to establish Trash Gurl as the best service provider of portable sink rentals in Charleston, SC.

Portable sinks you love to use - Bring handwashing anywhere.

As we head into a post-pandemic world, there are things that will return to normal and others that never will. Our worries about germs and contagion have become so ingrained that it is hard to feel comfortable during concerts, festivals, or other events, which can be problematic. A portable sink rental is a much-appreciated way to provide comfort for your guests. Our handwashing stations portable company understands how much a portable sink rental can take your event to the next level.

A portable sink rental isn’t just about germ and contagion; when you are having guests at an outdoor affair, handwashing stations portable are a must to allow people to keep their hands clean and feel good about participating in food festivals and to dig in. We are the best source in Charleston to make outdoor events that much more enjoyable! Contact us today to schedule your handwashing station rental!


Q: How many portable sinks do I need to rent?

A: The number of portable sinks you rent depends based on the event or job site, and if there are portable toilets on site. Trash Gurl recommends 1 regular dual basin sink station for every 3 standard toilets.

Q: What is the price to rent a portable sink?

A: Price varies based on sink station type, rental quantity and duration length. Call us at 843.514.0143 or request a free quote online.

Contact Trash Gurl today to rent your portable handwashing stations for any event. We'll deliver, set up, and take away when the event is over.

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For a quote or to get more information, fill out the form or call Trash Gurl at 843-514-0143. We’d love to speak with you!

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Trash Gurl rents portable sink rentals and handwashing stations on a short-term or long-term basis to suit the business’s needs. Dumpsters are priced by the rental period according to a number of factors including availability and delivery location.