Front End Dumpsters

front end dumpsters

Front-end dumpsters are for the collection of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) or “stinky trash.” Trash Gurl rents front-end dumpsters to restaurant, grocery stores, retail shops, gas stations, apartment complexes, and other businesses in the Lowcountry.

trash dumpster rental near me

Trash Dumpster Rental near me
Trsh Gurl Dumpster Rental Services

Trash Gurl’s

FRONT END dumpster rentals

(For disposal of construction, clean-up, disaster restoration, or landscaping debris, look at our roll-off dumpsters for rent.)

Trash Gurl offers many easy and affordable options for businesses and offers short-term or long-term rental of front-end dumpsters in sizes from 2 yards to 8 yards. These dumpsters stay at the business location for the duration of the rental period and are not taken away for emptying. They can be picked up as often as you want, at a frequency that suits your needs.

Not sure what you need? Trash Gurl can help you determine your equipment needs, recycling options, and other contract and pricing terms. Contact us now for trash dumpster rentals near you.

Accepted and Restricted
Dumpster Materials

Not everything can go in your dumpster.

Restricted Materials- Trash Gurl

Restricted materials:

Hazardous materials including paint, oil, gasoline, propane, tires, batteries,
hazardous waste, dead animals, toxic materials,
bio hazard materials,  asbestos, and Freon.

If you need to dispose of hazardous waste,
call Trash Gurl at 843-514-0143 and we can help you out.

Size Typical Exterior Dimensions Maximum Volume
2-yard 36” long x 72” wide x 36” tall 2 Cubic Yards
4-yard 57” long x 72” wide x 48” tall 4 Cubic Yards
6-yard 66” long x 72” wide x 64” tall 6 Cubic Yards
8-yard 66” long x 72” wide x 81” tall 8 Cubic Yards

Call us – we may be able to help you out!

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Trash Gurl rents front-end dumpsters on a short-term or long-term basis to suit the business’s needs. Dumpsters are priced by the rental period according to a number of factors including availability and delivery location.