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Even With A Dumpster, you get What you Pay for – How Much Should you Pay for a Dumpster Rental?

The adage, “You get what you pay for,” persists through time, well, because it proves to be true. Although you might think, “What can be the difference in dumpster rentals?,” you would be unpleasantly surprised to find out that they are not all the same. The quality of the dumpster you rent is only secondary to the service you hire. So, although price will likely be a consideration in your decision about which rental company to hire, it shouldn’t be the only. Even with Charleston, SC dumpster rentals, you get what you pay for! Here is how to know if the price is fair.

Price Shop

The first way to compare dumpster rental prices is to shop around. If you only have one or two dumpster rental places nearby, you might want to broaden your search. Giving a wider radius to your search area might lessen how much you pay. Competition is always a healthy thing, especially for the consumer.

Watch for Hidden Fees

Often, a company will quote you one price for a dumpster rental, but that isn’t “the" price. The price out the door can vary vastly depending on what a company has in hidden charges they might not be forthright about. So before you think that a price is final, ask about things like overages, late fees, or any other charges that you might not expect or be aware of.

Ask for a Referral

The best way to gauge the fairness of a company is by asking those who have used their products or services. Likely, someone, either friend or family member, has rented a dumpster in the past. When getting good service, people will happily make a recommendation. And in reverse, if they didn’t get good service, then it might help you to weed out the options.

Read Reviews

Another excellent way to know how much a company is worth is to read online reviews. Companies that care about their reputation will go the extra mile to make sure that their clients are happy with the service they provide. Although you can’t please everyone all of the time, you can get a good sense of customer service by reading what other customer’s experiences are. And also the way that a company responds if a review is not glowing.

Look for Quality Equipment

The quality of the dumpster you rent is important as well. If it is old and not operating well, then it is going to be a hassle that will slow things down. And as you know, time is money. Therefore, if the machinery doesn’t operate correctly, then a deal is really no deal at all. Also, if a rental company isn’t properly maintaining their dumpsters, it can be dangerous. So, find a rental company who works hard to invest in themselves, that will show how much they care about the people they serve.

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A project can’t start until things are ready to go, which usually means that things are torn out or demolished. If your rental company is late or non responsive, then it is going to end up costing you a whole lot in the end on standing around waiting or putting things on hold even if for a day or two. Being responsive is something you can usually tell from day one. So if you are feeling a little ignored before you even rent, that is a red flag that you are going to pay one way or another.

Yes, you get what you pay for even when renting a dumpster! Although price is likely going to be a concern, don’t base your decision on just that one factor. Shop around to find a fair deal, but make sure you know everything you need to upfront to really get what you think you are paying for.

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