Flushable Porta-Potties

Flushable Porta-Potties

Porta-potties might not be the most elegant bathroom facility when compared to indoor ones, but new advances have made them a lot more convenient and upscale. Our new line of flushable porta-potties is a great way to accommodate fancier events like weddings and special occasions. They are about as close as you get to indoor bathrooms, and they make a better impression on your guests.

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Porta-Potties Come Complete

All of our flushable porta-potties come with a hand-washing station, a sink, mirror, and solar lighting so they can be used both during the day and conveniently at night. The hand-washing station is a great addition, especially post-pandemic when guests have a heightened sense of hygiene and germ transmission. They also come with built-in soap dispensers and paper towels, so they offer all the amenities you get with an indoor restroom.

Great for Temporary or Long-Term Placement

Our flushable porta-potties are a great solution for both long-term and short-term placement. They provide a more intimate and private feel for wedding venue locations and small private gatherings in the great outdoors. The additional fee involved with a flushable potty upgrade is well worth it for all the conveniences, upgrades, and amenities that you can’t get with standard porta-potties. Contact us today for pricing and to reserve your special date!

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Trash Gurl rents flushable porta-potties on a short-term or long-term basis to suit your needs. Dumpsters are priced by the rental period according to a number of factors including availability and delivery location.