The Advantages of Having Handicap Porta Potties

If you are hosting an outdoor event, to be ADA compliant, you have to supply attendees with a handicap porta potty. But it isn’t just about being compliant and offering convenience to those who need it; there are many advantages of having a handicap porta potty. These are the major reasons why having a handicap porta potty is not only the right thing to do, it is an advantageous way to go!

They are Family-Friendly

The old dilemma most parents have to choose – do you take your child with you, or leave them standing outside? Or, if you have a youngster who isn’t yet ready to handle toileting alone, how do you both fit inside of a standard porta potty? An ADA portable toilet solves the problem. They are large enough for more than one. And the best part is that they also allow for strollers and seat carriers, so you aren’t left juggling! Handicap porta potties also give enough room, so that little hands don’t find contaminated surfaces. And most importantly, they cut down on waiting times for everyone involved, because no one has to take turns.

They Double as a Changing Room

When you are running an event that might involve a costume change for members like a sports event or community run, ADA compliant porta potties give everyone a little extra room to change. And for the bride and bridesmaids who need to primp a little before pictures, there is enough room for the ladies to gather and get ready to say “cheese.”

Ground Level Minimizes Risk of Falling

For night events, an ADA porta potty eliminates the need to step up. Since night lighting can leave a little to be desired, ADA toilets reduce the risk of a trip and fall injury. And they are also great for elderly people who might have a harder time stepping up to use the facilities. Since keeping guests safe at your function is highly critical to minimize your risk, an ADA toilet is a good idea all the way around.

If you are holding a public event outdoors, supplying ADA compliant restrooms are mandatory. But a handicap porta potty isn’t just a must to help those with special needs; they have a host of other advantages for guests that standard porta potties do not. Leave a good and lasting impression on your event-goers, while minimizing the risk of a trip and fall, all by renting a handicap-accessible porta potty today! Contact our account specialists at Trash Gurl to reserve yours today!

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