What Options are Available for Porta Potty Rentals

We all know the standard porta potty design, and although necessary in certain instances, porta potties can be an eyesore. But if you are considering how to accommodate your next event and think that porta potties simply aren’t classy or accommodating enough, think again. Porta Potties have come a long way, stylistically speaking. And they might be the very best option for your next occasion. Here are some of the popular and new options that you can request and why you should consider a porta potty rental!

Wheelchair-Accessible Portable Restrooms

When dealing with the public it is essential to think of those who might not be capable of using the standard portalet. Our wheelchair-accessible portable restroom is a perfect solution to help out those who are handicapped. And it’s not just about being in a wheelchair, if you have elderly people who might need just a little more room to move around, they give you a lot more “space” than the average porta potty. They also come with additional safety features so you can feel confident that your guests will be safe and have all the special considerations they need!

Better Lighting

Although the traditional porta potty can feel more like a padded cell, at Trash Gurl we knew that you wanted to shed some light on what you are doing! All of our portalets come with a translucent roof so that you can see what you are doing, but no one can see you! They also all come equipped with a shelf for your things so that you aren’t holding your phone in one hand praying for its safety! And since we thought of everything, they are always fully stocked with paper products so no one is left without!

Sink Units and Sanitizers

One of the worst things about using a porta potty is feeling like you forgot the most important sanitary routine, hand washing! We have portalets that come complete with sink units and sanitizers when you request them. That way, you can wash your hands before you head back to the festivities instead of having that unfinished feeling on the way out and then searching for a solution afterward.

Portable Hand Washing Stations

Also available as an option are free-standing portable hand washing stations. They are an excellent solution to the whole hand washing thing. Since they are located outside of the porta potty, they can speed things up over in unit sinks and they can accommodate a huge crowd too! If you have an event where hand-washing is a must, let us take care of it so that you don’t have to worry about your compliance!

Flushable Wedding Potties

Think that a porta potty just has no place at a wedding? Consider our flushable wedding potties. Unlike porta potties, they actually do flush and carry waste away. And once more, they come equipped with a sink and a mirror to check your makeup. These definitely aren’t your standard porta potties, they are more like roving bathrooms that are just as sanitary and upscale as you would expect for your big day.

College-Themed Porta Potties

What is more fun than tailgating? What is not fun about it is finding a place to use the facilities. That is okay, Trash Gurl has you covered. We offer college-themed units, including Carolina and Clemson. And they make an amazing tailgating splash…no pun intended.

If you are considering a porta potty for your next event but aren’t sure they are classy or accommodating enough, think again. At Trash Gurl we have your needs covered and offer some really cool features to make everyone more comfortable about using outdoor facilities. Contact us today for your porta potty rental to discuss how we can meet and exceed your expectations!

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