Best Waste Management Company in Charleston SC

What Services Does a Waste Management Company Handle?

For some industries, waste management is a huge concern – not just for aesthetics and reputation but also for safety. If your trash receptacles are overflowing or you are having a hard time keeping trash to a minimum, then it might be time to hire a company to handle waste services in Charleston, SC, like Trash Gurl. But what types of services does a waste management company supply and what can we do for you?

General Waste Management

Although different industries have differing needs, we provide all the waste management services that you require. From disposal of commercial and industrial waste to septic and restaurant grease-trap cleanup, we can handle whatever you need disposed of. We also handle sludge containers, but we need to see all landfill approvals before we will dispose of them.

Septic Pumping Services (Greywater)

We also offer septic pumping services for utility hole covers, water loss, and more. Our team can hook up our septic holding tanks to campers and trailers on-site to help dispose of water. Greywater is water that has been used commercially and industrially and can often be recycled, but not if it contains bacterial contaminants, grease, or detergent residues.

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Some industries need a specific type of trash disposal and transportation because it cannot be thrown into a regular landfill. Generally, businesses deal with four types of hazardous waste: listed wastes, universal wastes, characteristic wastes, and mixed wastes. They can be liquid, solid, or contained gas, and are typically byproducts of manufacturing processes, discarded unused commercial products, discarded used commercial products, or pesticides, depending on the industry. Trash Gurl is authorized to transport hazardous materials, industrial waste, and metal materials that are compliant with the US Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations.

Hauling and Haul-Away Service

For construction and remodeling companies, we offer haul-away services for construction debris and waste. You tell us how long you need the dumpster and we will schedule to have it there and removed on schedule. We also have dumpster rentals and trash can services that regularly pick up your waste to make sure that it isn’t posing a hazard or being an eyesore.

All companies are obligated to keep their premises and workplaces clean, but some need more waste management services than others. If you find that your waste management needs are getting out of control, our company for waste services in Charleston, SC is here to help. We work closely with all our companies and businesses to ensure that things are handled and cleaned up appropriately. And we also customize our services so that we provide everything you need. Contact us today to discuss how we can help keep your work environment safe.