Why you Need a Portable Hand Washing Station at Your Event

If you are holding an outdoor event, there are so many things to think about and anticipate. Chief among them are outdoor facilities that are convenient! When it comes to porta potties, people like to feel as if their sanitary needs have been met. And hand washing is one of those pretty critical features. There are many reasons why a portable hand washing station is a must for your guests. And then there are also times when they are not just recommended, but required. These are the most important reasons why going the extra mile is a must!

When a Hand Washing Station is an Excellent Gesture

There are times when offering a hand washing station is a nice upgrade to make your event attendees more comfortable. If the goal of your event is to keep people around enjoying themselves for as long as possible, catering to their needs will make your event a success. And if you are serving food, people will want to have a place not only to rinse off after they are done using the porta potty; it is a nice gesture to clean their hands after eating. And there are also other reasons like little kids and diapers that having a station around is a much-welcomed addition.

Keeping People Safe

If you are serving food at your event, then you want to keep people safe and healthy. Before people sit down to eat, it is always a good idea to wash their hands. And if you have an event where the food can get messy, having a handwashing station will stop people from sticky fingers that will make the entire event a mess. The longer you can convince people to stay and partake, the more money you and your vendors will make.

It Leaves an Outstanding Impression

Portable stations are not the standard, which signals to guests that you have gone the extra mile. The last thing you want people to leave your event with is a bad impression of cleanliness. Portable washing stations make people feel as if you care about your presentation and their sanitary needs. Instead of just providing hand sanitizer that simply moves dirt around, rent a handwashing sink so they can actually remove the dirt and germs!

When Portable Hand Washing Stations are Required

It isn’t just about making sure that attendees have a place to wash their hands; if your vendors are serving food, then it is required that they wash their hands. And by law, they need to have a hand-washing machine available. According to the South Carolina Health Department, food vendors, and those who work in the food industry, have to wash their hands before returning to work. Gloves are not a legal substitute for handwashing. And hands that come into contact with food, utensils, and clean equipment must be freshly washed. So if you are using food vendors, then you have to provide them the necessary tools to be in compliance with sanitary laws and rules.

How Many Portable Hand Stations Will you Need?

The standard amount of portable hand stations needed is one for every five portable restrooms that you have available. If you are using vendors that will be hosting food, then it is recommended that you have one individual sink each. And pay close attention to the types of handwashing stations you will need according to sanitation codes. Some laws require things like specific temperatures and procedures.

Portable potties are a must for any outdoor event. And although not everyone rents portable hand washing stations, they are an addition that, at a minimum, make an excellent impression on your attendees. And if you are serving food, then a portable hand washing station might be a must. To discuss your upcoming events and rent the necessary portable restroom accommodations, contact our professionals at Trash Gurl today.

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