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Resolving to Clean Things Up in 2022? Get a Dumpster and Let the Purge Begin!

As the holidays quickly approach, soon the New Year’s ball will drop and most of us will resolve to make positive changes in our lives for the year ahead. If you are tired of tripping over things, holding onto clutter, and being unorganized, let this year be the time you commit to cleaning it up. A dumpster rental is a great first step to letting the purge begin. Here are some tips about what should stay and what should be tossed into a trash dumpster rental!

One-Year Rule

A great rule of thumb is to look at each item and consider whether it has been used in the past year. Often, we can’t let go of things because we think that there will be a time when we need them again. If you have gone an entire year without needing something, it is time to let it go. The chances are good whatever it is has been improved upon, so if you should need it again, buying new will probably be a better option anyway.

Donate, Trash, Keep Piles

Sometimes the hardest part about purging is realizing how much you spent on something and feeling as if it is a waste to let it go. When you begin sifting through your things, make three piles. One will go to a donation center, another will go to trash, and the third can be for the things you decide to keep. You will feel better about letting something go if you know that someone will make good use of it in the year ahead. Think of it as gift-giving. Giving sometimes feels better than receiving, so let it go!

Have Help

We can usually talk ourselves both into and out of things pretty easily when no one is monitoring our decisions. If you want some accountability to be reasonable about what stays and what goes, invite a friend to help out. Make sure it is someone who tends to be the voice of reason. If you are held accountable to describe why you need to keep something, it might help you to be more realistic about what things are worth and whether you really “need” them or not.

Hire a Dumpster Rental Company

Often, taking action is the hardest step. The best way to keep yourself honest and committed is by hiring a dumpster rental company ahead of time and not looking back. If you already have a dumpster coming for a great “purge” day, you will have to commit and follow through. Otherwise, if you don’t do it ahead of time, you will probably continue to kick the can down the road well into the new year and beyond.

As we collectively say goodbye to 2021, many of us will resolve to do things differently in the year ahead. One great way to create positive change in your life is to reduce the noise and clean out the clutter. Hire a dumpster for the New Year, purge what you don’t need, and start to organize what you do. You will be amazed at how quickly things can become less stressful when you have your ducks in order. Contact Trash Gurl to reserve your trash dumpster rental today!