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Fall is Quickly Approaching – Time to get Exterior Renovations Underway

Although there is still a fair amount of humidity in the air, fall is making its way to the South. If you have put off your exterior renovations like having your roof or siding repaired due to the nature of the brutal South Carolinian heat, now is a perfect time to begin planning to get things underway. With the spring comes a rush to get outdoor projects done, which means that construction dumpsters might be hard to come by. These are four reasons why now is a perfect time for a construction dumpster! No need to Google “construction dumpster rental near me,”—you’ve already found the top dumpster rental company in Charleston, SC.

1. Low Supply Means High Demand

Not many contractors are keen about working in the heat and humidity. So, often, they put off exterior projects until the weather is not so stifling. What that means is that they tend to need their tools and trades at the same time. Among those things that are critical to getting your renovation project started is a construction dumpster. If everyone needs to rent one at the same time, that might lead to a shortage. And if you have to delay your start date due to not having a dumpster available, that might cost you money and subcontractors' availability.

2. Limited Supply of Sizes

If you wait to reserve your dumpster too long, you might be left with fewer choices of construction dumpsters sizes. Planning to accommodate your waste needs is an essential part of keeping things on track and within budget. If you can only find a dumpster that is too small, you will have to pay to have it dumped more often, which will increase your cost. Or, if there are only bigger than needed sized dumpsters available, then you will be left paying more. The earlier you reserve your dumpster for the fall, the more likely it will be that you will get the size and type you need.

3. Low Supply Can Drive up Prices

If you are left calling around to several places because dumpster rentals are in short supply, that could leave you with fewer options to both compare prices and the reputation of the company you hire. When planning your renovation project, it is important to have a budget outlined and to stick to it. But if you don’t have any options, you are going to be beholden to pay whatever you have to to get the project started.

4. Quality of the Dumpster

Along with the cost, when searching for a construction dumpster to rent, you want to make sure that it is in good condition, well-maintained, and sound to work with. If there are fewer dumpster companies to choose from, you might end up with either subpar equipment or service. And a dumpster that has some sort of defect or isn’t up to standards not only makes a poor impression on the clients who hired you for the job, they can also lead to accidents and other mishaps that will put a significant dent in your daily operations.

With fall starting to rush in, many people are considering starting their outdoor renovation projects. If you want to get a jump start to ensure that you can reserve a construction dumpster that is the right size, for the right price, with a company you can trust, now is the time. Call the friendly staff of Trash Gurl and let us take care of your renovation waste needs today.