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It’s Just a Dumpster – Why That is the Wrong Line of Thinking!

They say that ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to your dumpster rental, that type of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. And there is nothing ignorant about spending money you don’t have to, or being stuck with equipment that you don’t need or isn’t the right thing! At Trash Gurl, we are a dumpster rental company in Charleston, SC that has seen what happens when people don’t put enough thought into what they need and all that comes with a dumpster rental. Don’t make the same mistakes they did – take heed!

Roll-Off Dumpster versus Regular Dumpsters

A dumpster is a dumpster, right? NO! There are many different types of dumpsters, and each has a specific type of debris that they take as well as things they don’t. Roll-off dumpsters differ from regular ones because they come in different shapes. Regular dumpsters are cubic in nature and roll-off ones are rectangular, which means that they are meant to haul different waste types. If you need a dumpster for construction, then a roll-off is better. For regular household debris and waste, then a regular dumpster might be the right fit.

They Can Take All Types of Debris

Every dumpster rental company can accept different types of waste disposal, depending on the company they use to dispose of it. Many people assume that they can throw household waste into any dumpster, or that all dumpsters take yard waste without a problem. That is simply not the case. Before you assume that the dumpster you are renting is the right one, make sure to ask the right questions. The main question is, “What types of waste can I put in the dumpster?”

All Materials are Safe For Dumpsters

When it comes to hazardous material waste, you can’t simply rent a dumpster and pile it in. Things like lead paint and asbestos can’t be disposed of the same way as other types of waste because they are an environmental hazard. If you unwittingly put hazardous waste into a dumpster that isn’t designated for it, that can lead to fines and all sorts of trouble. If you know that you are dealing with hazardous materials or waste, make sure to tell the rental company instead of just assuming all is good!

Many people come to us with the attitude of “A dumpster is a dumpster,” but that is simply not the case. Dumpsters differ in sizes, shapes, and what they can take, so before you just rent blindly, it is best to ask the right questions to ensure that you are getting the right dumpster at the right size for your needs. Contact Trash Gurl to find the right dumpster to suit your needs today!