Construction Dumpster Near Me

Starting Construction? Look for These Qualities in a Dumpster Rental Company

As we roll into 2022, the red-hot Charleston real estate market shows no sign of slowing down. If you have given up on trying to find your forever home due to the lack of inventory, you are not alone. Many are opting to make this year the time they invest in renovations. The key to staying within budget and being on schedule is scheduling. Don’t waste until the last second to rent your dumpster. Also, don’t just Google “construction dumpster near me” and choose at will. These are four qualities to look for in the company you hire.


When it comes to construction, the key component to even breaking ground is having a dumpster ready and waiting. If you hire a company that doesn’t deliver on time, that can leave you paying for laborers who can’t do much but stand around waiting. Also, once you fill the dumpster and there is no more room, you need a company that is responsive enough to pick it up, empty it, and bring it back. Time is one of the biggest factors of your construction, and it all starts with hiring the right company.

Guidance and Hand-Holding

Renting a dumpster might seem like a pretty straightforward task, but only for those who work in the industry. If you are contracting your renovations and responsible for things like renting equipment, then you could probably use a little hand-holding. You want to rent a dumpster that is large enough for what you need, but not so large that you are paying for a bigger unit than you need. You need a friendly and knowledgeable company like Trash Gurl to go above and beyond to guide you through the rental process.


Dumpsters can’t just be parked anywhere you want. Hiring a local company means that they will likely know where a dumpster can and cannot be placed. If they don’t and they work locally, they may know the right person to call to find out what types of zoning and permits you might need for the rental. You certainly don’t want a company to place the dumpster in a spot that will land you a potential fine and where it will have to be moved.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to any service, you get what you pay for, even with a construction dumpster. If a company is significantly cheaper than its competitors, then there is usually a reason. You don’t want to find out what that reason is the hard way. At Trash Gurl, we are not cheap, but we do try to be as competitively priced as possible for our customers. It is never a good idea to hire a company on price alone!

If you are biting the bullet and making 2022 the year that you renovate and upgrade your home, then the fun is just about to begin. The key to staying on track and schedule is all about scheduling. Nothing can really start until you have a dumpster, so don’t just Google “construction dumpster near me” and choose. Consider these and all other factors and you will find that Trash Gurl is the one to call. Contact us to reserve your dumpster today!