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The Hospitality Industry is Rocking and Rolling – This is Why You Need Us!

Fall is in full swing and the hospitality industry is rocking and rolling. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, many are enjoying returning to dining and other activities on the town. If you are busier than you ever were, hold onto your horses; the holidays are almost here! These are just a few reasons why you need us to help with your waste management in Charleston!

It is a Matter of Safety

Not only is the hospitality industry seeing a surge; there are labor shortages that are making business owners wear many hats. If you aren’t taking care of your trash properly, then it might be an issue of safety. Trash that runs over and isn’t properly disposed of can lead to slick and dangerous conditions around the waste receptacles. It is important that you have a waste management company to keep up with demand – unless you want to deal with a slip-and-fall accident that can lead to workers' compensation claims or worse.

Pests are Costly on Many Fronts!

If you aren’t properly maintaining your waste, then you are increasing the likelihood that you will have a pest problem, which is a major issue. When rodents and insects are attracted to food receptacles on the outside of your establishment, they will find their way in. The only way to reduce their presence and breeding is to make sure that you are properly handling your waste instead of it acting like a beacon to draw pests from miles around.

Poor Impressions Will Leave a Bad Taste in People’s Mouths

Nothing makes your establishment look worse than waste that is easy to spot. No one wants to eat at a restaurant where they can see other people’s leftovers. Worse, if they can smell them, you can bet that your customers will take issue. Waste management is a must for many reasons; the most important one is your livelihood and reputation. If you don’t appear sanitary on the outside, there will be rumors and speculations about what the inside looks like behind closed doors.

Sanitation Problems Can Lead to Many Issues

It is your obligation to keep your premises sanitary and safe. You can have the cleanest kitchen possible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe due to conditions right outside the door. If you have an inspection and your waste isn’t properly cared for, that can at best lead to fines and at worst, lead to shutdowns. Getting shut down for sanitary reasons is not something that some restaurants can come back from!

As we head into the holidays, the good news is that the hospitality business is not only back in full throttle; it is rocking and rolling. As staffing continues to be an issue, you might have to find ways to outsource those things that are critical. Waste management in Charleston for your restaurant is a must to make sure that your reputation, kitchen, and establishment continue to prosper. Contact us today to get things manageable and under control again!