Trash Dumpster Rental near me

5 reasons you might need a trash dumpster rental in Charleston SC

Do you have a need for a trash dumpster rental for a construction site, renovation, restaurant, or some other use?

Trash Gurl is your source for roll-off dumpsters, front-end dumpsters and trash containers of all sizes. There are many short-term and long-term situations that may require a trash dumpster rental.

Below, you will find 5 reasons you might need a trash dumpster rental in the Greater Charleston area:

Home Construction

Sometimes we decide to change the interior of our house, plan for a brand new cooking area, a new bedroom, or maybe a deck. Whatever it is, there can be a great deal of trash that will need to be removed.

It’s our responsibility to plan for a proper container to dispose of the waste from construction sites. At Trash Gurl, our containers are well kept and as our saying goes, “We make Trash look gud." Our dumpster rentals can make the cleanup easy.

Yard Waste

Handling our own yard or creating a new landscape can be one heck of an undertaking. There may be times where yard debris can be too much for your normal pick up services. Trash Gurl offers roll off dumpsters for such occasions. You load it up and we can haul it off easily.


Commercial construction sites can generate a lot of trash. Trash Gurl caters to construction companies and job sites that need prompt, efficient waste management services. Our dumpsters are perfect for constructions sites and we can meet the needs of any project.

You Have Waste Materials that the Regular GARBAGE PICK-UP Won’t Take

In many cases, Charleston residents need an easy way to rid themselves of items that their normal garbage service will not take away for them. If you have large amounts of yard debris, junk, limbs or landscaping waste, or need to clean out an old garage, a trash dumpster rental might be perfect for you.


Cleaning isn’t always something that we plan on. Sometimes it’s unexpected. Inclement weather in Charleston such as a tropical storm or hurricane is a perfect example because it can sometimes cause significant property damage.

You may find that such weather leaves a massive amount of debris on your property including trash, limbs, damaged trees and more. A trash dumpster rental will allow you to clean up these items quickly and efficiently so that you can restore order to your  home or business.

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