Waste Management Charleston SC by Trash Gurl

5 Waste Management Tips & How Trash Gurl Can Help

Doing away with trash isn’t just about keeping a job site clean and safe. If you properly dispose of all of your waste by reducing and recycling, you can save money, and also be environmentally-friendly. These are five tips on how Trash Gurl can help increase your bottom line, decrease worksite injuries, and help your business be as “green” as possible. A waste management Charleston, SC company is just what you need to get things cleaned up!

Measure Your Business Waste

If you have multiple bins around the worksite, do a visual assessment to see how full the containers are before pick up. Jot down how full each bin is before it is collected so that you can estimate how much waste your business actually produces over a given period of time.

Reduce Waste Ending up in a Landfill

Evaluate your waste to have less of it ending up in a landfill by identifying different options to:

Reduce – Decipher if waste can be reduced or avoided by changing the way that your service operates by doing an assessment of your daily operations. Usually, you can find small ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce

Reuse – When possible, find ways to reuse things instead of throwing them out. Many waste materials can probably be used in different ways. That will not only cut down on your waste; it will save you money

Recycle – Take the time to filter out those things that can be recycled so that the waste isn’t all put together and sent to a landfill

Research Local Recycling Centers

Once you evaluate how much waste you accumulate over time, and what materials are eligible for recycling, research local collectors to find out where you can have your waste recycled. Search both the type of material you want to have recycled, along with your location, to find a center near you who will take your waste and put it to good use.

Understand Recycling and Waste Management Contracts

Before you sign any waste management contract, understand what services are being provided and what the arrangement for collection and recycling are. It is important to know how your recycling or waste contract arrangements are going to affect your ability to recycle your waste material.

Make sure that you have the proper types and sizes of containers to ensure that they can handle your waste over the period of when your contract says it will be picked up. Waste management contracts are a legal document that outlines how your waste materials are to be handled. And they may greatly affect your ability to recycle any waste materials.

Implement Specific Collection Processes at Your Business

Different types of businesses generate different types of waste and recyclable materials. The way that waste is handled around your business is determined by the type of bins that you are given. So it is up to you to decide how to disburse them and to determine the process for recycling waste materials.

Make sure to be specific with your employees about the correct collection of waste and how it is to be separated. It is a good idea to make the bins available where they will be used most. And also to have signs to reinforce recycling behaviors among your employees. Having a specific recycling plan in the process is the best way to get everyone on board to help with your recycling efforts.

Waste management is a necessary tool to keep your job site clean and to keep it safe. But handling your waste appropriately by reducing, reusing and recycling is an excellent way not just to reduce costs, but also your carbon footprint.

Let Trash Gurl help to make your business run smoother and more cost effective by allowing us to help with your waste management systems through both removing and recycling.

Contact us today for an evaluation to decipher how our waste management Charleston, SC company can make your business more eco-friendly!