Construction Dumpster Rental near me

Keeping a Tidy Construction Site is a Must – Get a Construction Dumpster Rental Near You!

Get a Construction Dumpster Rental Near You!

Working in the construction industry comes with many hazards that other industries do not have. However, there are ways to reduce unnecessary dangers. Making sure to keep a tidy construction site is an absolute must to reduce the risk of slips and falls and other employee injuries.

If you are asking, “Why should I need a construction dumpster rental near me?” here are four critical reasons!

1. Less Risk of a Worker’s Comp Claim

In South Carolina, all employers with more than five workers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. But before you think that you are protected fully by your policy, think again! There are instances where you can be cited if you don’t keep a tidy construction site. If that happens, then you could face punitive damages if someone should get hurt. And the insurance company won’t cover those types of awards; those damages with become your responsibility to pay – with your company’s assets.

2. Citations Are Possible

Some standards and regulations need to be followed when running a construction site. If you don’t keep yours clean and an inspector should come by, that could lead to some pretty hefty fines. The minimal cost of renting a construction dumpster to clean things up pales in comparison to what the government can fine you for having things not in order. Avoid fines for improperly disposing of hazardous materials or creating an unsafe worksite by keeping your worksite clean!

3. Employee Goodwill

Not only do you care about your assets and bottom line, you care about the health and safety of your workers. If someone is injured, then you are losing man hours. And if you didn’t do something that you could have to prevent it, then you would feel horrible if the injuries were serious or even life-threatening. Hiring a dumpster to keep things clean is the best way to create goodwill between you and the employees that you care about!

4. Limiting Exposure

Not only does a messy or dirty construction site lead to the risk of injuries; if you work in an industry with toxins and hazardous waste, and you aren’t addressing them, you are unwittingly exposing your employees and probably the community and environment to things that can make people sick. There are rules and regulations about how to deal with hazardous waste materials and toxins; are you following them? If not, that could be a recipe for financial disaster!

If you are running a construction site, there are already many inherent dangers! To reduce the risk of someone getting hurt on the job or exposing your employees and the community to hazardous waste materials, hire a company that can help you to clean things up and create a much safer and healthier work environment. That way you can create a safe atmosphere for your employees and your company’s finances.

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