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Fall Cleanup Makes for Less Holiday Chaos

We weren’t all born with a tendency to be proactive. In fact, some of us fall more on the “procrastinator” side. With fall upon us, the holidays are right around the corner, so those who start to prepare now will have much less chaos around and be able to enjoy the holiday season without so much stress. Hiring a company to handle waste services in Charleston, SC now for a fall cleanup will definitely pay off in the coming months!


With any hope, this holiday will bring a renewed sense of family togetherness. As we begin to see the risk of COVID declining, more people will be able to spend the holidays traveling and staying with relatives. And although that is welcome, many of us have become lax at keeping things cleaned up and decluttered. Hiring a company for waste services in Charleston, SC, and doing a purge now will ensure that you have enough room for cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents to gather together at your home to celebrate!

Fall Outdoor Cleanup

There is nothing worse than thinking you have time later to get things done. When it comes to fall, if you don’t plan ahead, the weather can turn quickly – and no one wants to go outside and clean up in the cold! If you want your landscaping and your home’s exterior to be appealing, get ahead of bad weather conditions by taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather we are experiencing. Raking leaves as they fall is much easier than waiting for them to sit wet. If left unaddressed, throwing things out and cleaning up the yard, – which is not fun to begin with – will be much less so.

Donate For the Holidays

Donating is an excellent way to do your part to help out those in need. You also get the benefit of a tax write-off, but you only have a couple of more months to take advantage. Don’t wait until the last minute and then have an even bigger project on your hands. Start to separate things you want to donate and things that need to be thrown out. If you go about it systematically now, all you will need is to rent a dumpster to toss trash and call for a pickup of your donations. Doing it all at once can be overwhelming, so try it in stages and have your home ready without a huge rush right before the festivities.

Little Weekend Projects

Sometimes the hardest part about do-it-yourself projects is committing to doing them yourself. If you rent a dumpster now, then you can hold yourself accountable for the do-it-yourself. There will always be a reason to put things off, but if you schedule a rental and it shows up, then there won’t be any way to make excuses.

As fall makes its way to our area, it might seem like the holidays are far away – but it’s guaranteed that they will be here before you know it. Now is the best time to rent a dumpster from a company that handles waste services in Charleston, SC, like Trash Gurl. Get a jump on making your place a home for the holidays, inviting and ready to go. Contact us today to reserve your dumpster in time!