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What a Trash Can Rental Is and Why You Might Need One

When most people think about the term “trash can,” they envision a metal or plastic bin that can come in various sizes, so the phrase “trash can rental” can sometimes throw people off. A trash can rental is the same as a trash dumpster rental, or just a “dumpster rental” for short. There are many reasons a person or business might need to rent one, either for regularly-scheduled pickups or for project-based needs. Before placing a call to companies that handle waste services in Charleston, SC, like Trash Gurl, here’s what you will need to know.

What Are You Using It For?

When you call to rent a trash can, you should know how much trash you need to dispose of. The key to renting is knowing how much space you will need in the container. If you order one that is too small, then you will have to pay for a service to either empty it twice or switch it out, which will be more expensive than finding an appropriate fit. Also, if you order one that is bigger than what you need, you will be wasting money on that. When you’re renting, try to be descriptive about what your needs are. The more detailed you are, the likelier it is you will get the exact size you need to cut costs and the time needed.

When You Will Need It

If you are renting a trash can for a project-based need, it is important to estimate how long you will need the dumpster rental. If it is a month-to-month rental, then a waste management company will have a schedule where they will come and empty it. If it is just a short-term rental, make sure you know when you will need it and when you expect to have it filled and ready to go. Most companies will allow you to simply call when it needs to be picked up, but the rental price might depend on the length of time that you have it, so be prepared to at least give a rough estimate.

What Will Go In It?

Not all dumpster rentals are appropriate for all types of waste. When renting a dumpster, let the company know what you plan to dispose of. There are things that you can’t dispose of safely in every dumpster, so if you know you will have materials that are toxic or hazardous, it is important to talk to the rental company you hire. Not disposing of hazardous materials in approved places and in certain containers can come with some hefty fines – not just for the rental agent, but it could bounce back to you if you don’t conceal what you have.

Know Where It Is Going To Go

Depending on the size of your trash can rental, make sure that your site will have the appropriate space allocated for it. Not all roads and streets allow dumpsters to sit while you are using them, so be very specific about where the job site is and know the rules for where you can park a dumpster. Your rental agency should be able to help if they operate locally.

“Trash can rental” is just another term for “dumpster rental.” Finding the right-sized container will depend on having the right details when you call your company for waste services in Charleston, SC. Contact Trash Gurl today and let us help demystify the trash can rental process. We are leaders in the industry for all things trash!