Dumpster Rental in Charleston

What to Look for in a Dumpster Rental Company

With the market in Charleston still being red-hot, many potential homebuyers are becoming discouraged with their inability to find any house, much less the house of their dreams, due to low inventory. If you are one of the many considering staying put and adding on or renovating your current space, then you might also be looking to rent a dumpster to get things underway. Googling “dumpster rental near me” might be the first step to renting, but it is just that: the first step. The next couple is to consider the following factors and how they will affect the quality and cost of the service that you choose.


If there is one thing we pride ourselves on in the Charleston community, it is community. Supporting local businesses is not only a great way to lift all of us up when it comes to dumpster rentals; it might be the key to getting a dumpster at the right price. Due to the cost of fuel going up, moving dumpsters any distance is becoming increasingly expensive. If you choose a company that is off the beaten path, then they will likely have to pass along the extra cost to you as the consumer. It is always best to keep it close to home when you can.


Renting a dumpster might seem pretty straightforward, but if you aren’t in an industry where you have to do it consistently, knowing what you need is not always easy. The best way to determine what size of dumpster you need is through experience. Since you might not have it, the good news is that we do! We don’t mind doing a lot of hand-holding. Our mission is to provide the dumpster you need to get the job done, so asking for some advice is not something we mind; we encourage it!


Dumpsters need to be maintained, which isn’t cheap. But if you don’t maintain them well, they can rust and fall apart, which can create hazards on your job site. If a company doesn’t take pains to keep their equipment clean and running in top shape, that is a red flag about the way that they conduct business. You want to find someone who invests in themselves before you invest in them by hiring them for your dumper rental needs.

Written Contract

It is never a wise choice to do a deal with a handshake and word-of-mouth figures. Often, when you are quoted a figure and not given it in writing, those figures can expand with add-on fees that weren’t mentioned to you. Before you hire a dumpster rental company, make sure that they put it in writing. That way, you have something to refer back to if you get handed a bill that is more than you agreed on.

If you are considering staying put and building out instead of hitting the pavement looking for a new home in the current real estate atmosphere, then you are going to need a dumpster. As with any other service, your first step will probably be to Google “dumpster rental near me,” but that is just the first step. Take it one step further and you will see that Trash Gurl is the leading choice in the Charleston area and beyond because we know what we are doing – we gotcha! Contact us today to get started on your dumpster rental in Charleston!