Cheap Dumpster Rental Near Me

If You Google “Cheap Dumpster Rental Near Me,” You Might Get Burned!

Who doesn’t want to save a couple of dollars? In the construction industry, business has been pretty good over the past couple of months. But with gas prices on the rise, interest rates on the same path, and the cost of materials going up, being frugal is a good way to rein it in, just in case. But in many cases, when you go “cheap” you get what you pay for, and even in the dumpster rental world, that can pose a big problem. These are just four reasons that Googling “cheap dumpster rental near me” might get you burned.

Sometimes Prices are Not the Total Price

Some companies discount their rental prices and then try to make up for it by adding on extras and hidden charges that you don’t know about until you’re handed a bill for much more than anticipated. If a company is significantly less expensive than its competitors, there is always a reason for it. They can’t undercut too much and still be competitive in the market. They have to make up their profits somewhere, and that is usually by tacking on fees that you don’t see coming that are hidden in the fine print.

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone Can be Super Uncomfortable in the End

When it comes to renting your dumpster, it is always beneficial to stay local. Not only do you want to establish relationships with local businesses and support the community, but moving dumpsters from one area to another can get expensive. Customer service might suffer if you go the cheap route, which means a lot less hand-holding as well as a lot less understanding and working with you if you need something at the last minute or outside of what you agreed upon. There is always a greater likelihood that things can get messed up when you are working with a service that you don’t know very well, or if you don’t know their reputation.

Spending More Might Not Equal Greater, But Spending Less Might Equal Less

It’s usually not a good idea to choose a service on price alone. If you choose the most expensive one, you aren’t guaranteed that your money will ensure the best service or equipment. Choosing the one that has the cheapest rates might not signal poor service, but they likely have to give somewhere. It isn’t smart to go into it thinking that money is no object, but do weigh how much it costs you personally in headaches and otherwise to go with a company that fumbles everything.

It is a sound financial move to shop around to get the best prices possible for your business and the equipment you rent and use. But Googling “cheapest dumpster rental near me” and choosing based solely on the “cheap” factor might not end as well as you want it to. At Trash Gurl, we try to stay competitively priced for market conditions, and we always strive to give you added value service. If you are looking for a dumpster rental, we’re a good place to start. Contact us today to discuss your dumpster rental needs and how we can accommodate them!