Waste Management Near Charleston

Find a Reputable Waste Management Company By Going the Extra Mile

When it comes to waste management, you would think it’s pretty straightforward: you have trash, they pick up trash. But that is not always the case. If you want to get the best services available, don’t simply Google “waste management near me.” Go the extra mile so you can rest assured knowing that your trash is someone else’s problem! These are five things to look for.


As the cost of living continues to rise, who couldn’t use a discount? The problem with hiring a “cheap" company is that you might just get “cheap” service. Even in the waste management field, you get what you pay for. Cheap waste management can make things pretty unbearable for you. At Trash Gurl, we know that there is a difference between cost-competitive and cheap. Even in this atmosphere, we do all that we can to keep our prices low – but not at the cost of our equipment or customer service!


A good waste management company will have a variety of equipment, resources, and tools to accommodate what you need. Customization is the key to ensuring that all of your waste management needs are met. What you need equipment- and tool-wise is not what another company needs. If a company uses a one-size-fits-all plan, they are going to either not provide enough or provide overkill, both of which could increase the price and the hassle that you have as a customer.

Ratings and Reviews

Never before has it been easier to gauge how well a company meets the needs of its client base. Online reviews and ratings are the keys to knowing what type of reputation and experience a company provides to prior customers. Reading them is an excellent way of both including those companies that do a good job, and excluding those that don’t. Go the extra mile and read through the reviews for a little extra validity checking!


Your company is not a waste management one, or you wouldn’t need to hire a waste management company. Choose a company that understands that those outside the industry might need a little more information. If a company can’t explain what you need and why you need it, then their communication is lacking and it is a good idea to look elsewhere for a company that is willing to put in the time and effort.

Keep It Local

It is always a good idea to find someone local. This is largely because in waste management, if you find someone who is close by they can pivot to meet your needs more easily than if they are traveling a far distance. And as Charlestonians, we like to keep it local – and if we can save on our operating costs, like fuel, we can pass it along to you!

If you need a waste management company, it might not be enough to Google “waste management near me.” Sometimes it takes a little more investigation to find a company that works for you, rather than one that you feel like you work for. At Trash Gurl, we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers get the personalized attention they deserve and all the hand-holding they need. Contact us today to get started!